About Us

‘Vakil Mitra’ is a product of ‘LetzkitTechnokraft Private Limited’ a company registered at Bengaluru, Karnataka. Letzkit is the brain child of its Founder, NithinPuthige, a software engineer born to Advocate parents Puthige Ramesh and Latha Rao. Having seen his parents burn the mid night oil to keep track of the case records, he was keen on doing something to lessen the paper work for the Advocate fraternity. He quit his IT job and foundedLetzkitTechnokraft Private Limited in May 2014.


The very first product of Letzkit was an application ‘Case Notez’, launched on 16th July 2014 by His Lordship Mr. Justice Ram Mohan Reddy. To stay in tune with current tech requirements of the legal field the product has been revamped and renamed as ‘Vakil Mitra’ to include more features.

Vakil Mitra is a safe &secure application dedicated for the legal fraternity which is aimed at reducing their efforts in maintaining case registers, along with their schedules. It assists in maintaining crucial data at their fingertips.


Technology increases the efficiency and saves TIME. Vakil Mitra does just that! It is your ‘Tech Friend’ and a trusted partner, which is currently the need of the hour in thisDigital world. Today any business or profession needs the following

  • Stay connected with customers/ clients
  • Stay updated with current trends in respective fields
  • Store their data in secure way
  • Easy access to their data
  • Data security

Vakil Mitra does all of this and much more!

VM, is an Exclusive Platform for the legal fraternity. It is the ‘Tech friend’ for any advocate. Advocates can safely store their files online, stay connected with clients &further get potential clients, set reminders &get notified, engage in discussions with other members in the field and so on.

Our VM panel constantly reviews the market needs and product performance, gets feedback from its users to ensure we provide the best services to the VM users.

Letz get Connected, TODAY!