Find Happiness even in distress – Never give up hope

Find Happiness even in distress – Never give up hope

I don’t know swimming but still the lesson I am taught is never say or I don’t know a particular sport or art because there was no occasion for me to learn it. There is a famous saying that necessity is the mother of all invention and as such even if I am dropped in an ocean, I am confident that I will swim to shore. If that confidence is not there then my end will come the very moment I fall to an ocean.

You may be wondering as to why I am saying these things. There are two reasons.

First. Just five years back, this Vakil Mitra was inaugurated in its earlier format CASE NOTEZ and registration was offered at a throw away price. Unfortunately, several of my friends in the Bar had two reasons not to get it installed. Majority said that they don’t know even proper handling of a mobile and as such they can’t learn the niceties of searching for information in the mobile or lap top. The youngsters in the Bar who are experts in the social media were not keen to go for it for the simple reason that all the information they are looking at are not forthcoming in the system. The founder Nithin and his team were in a dilemma so much so they were even planning the closure of the facility. However, those who were using the Case notes had appreciative words on its functioning and requested Nithin not to close the facility. Nithin then thought of organizing free classes for those not familiar in using mobiles and lap tops but the response was again cold. The dilemma as to close or not to close continued and in the process three years went by. 

At this stage deadly Corona entered the scene. Pandemic spread across the world throwing the World Economy for a toss because through Government orders, all commercial activities came to a stand still, domestic and international flights were cancelled. How long can this situation continue ? 

All MNCs introduced  new concept of “work from home”. Strictly speaking, work from home concept was not a new concept in as much as Employees used to attend to their committed work even while at home or even while on leave, but all those cases were at the behest of the Employees and the Management used to gracefully grant the request because they were not at loss. 

      However, spread of Corona resulting in imposition of lock down changed the sides between Employer  and the Employee. Now instead of the Employee requesting for “work from home” permission, the Employers requested the Employees to work from home and then made it a compulsory rule. This concept of work from home became a success overnight. Thus, without a single employee turning to offices, the management had all their work smoothly carried. In the process, imposition of lockdown had no adverse effect on the commitment of the management with their customers. Consequently there was no financial loss both for the management as well as for the employees. In fact in some cases, management made extra payment to the employees to meet their increased power bills and at the same time employees were relieved of the two hour journey every day in Bangalore busy traffic. It is a classic case of Win Win situation for both.

Success of the work from home system introduced by the MNCs gave a ray of hope even for the judiciary and that resulted in the birth of Virtual Courts. However, there is one fundamental difference between the two. In MNCs, majority if not all employees are experts in handling computers where as in Judiciary majority are new to operating computers. As I said many of my friends avoided Case Notes under a notion that they cannot learn it’s A,B,C,D. If this is the position in a Silicon Capital like Bangalore, you can just imagine the position of those practicing in Tippaaralli. Being aware of the problems, High Court made their own arrangements to provide computer facility at Taluka level. After few initial hick ups, the Virtual Courts have now come to stay so much so that even when Hybrid system was introduced, several members including those who were novice in computers continued to opt for virtual courts than  for physical appearance. 

Thus my very friends who were reluctant to take case notes being not confidant of their intelligence in adopting to modern system are now experts in the field. That’s why I said in the beginning that necessity is the mother of all inventions and only thing is that we should never doubt on out learning capacity.

Earlier I noticed that some of my friends who are experts in operating computers wanted several other facility to be included in Case Notez. This lock down holiday gave sufficient breathing time for Nithin and his team to upgrade the system keeping in mind the desire of tech savvy members in the Bar. Thus once again I repeat necessity became the mother of invention but for which Case Notez may not have come with its upgraded version.

This write up is not just confined to the system upgraded in Case Notez. 

The whole world is in distress. What is the use in sitting in a corner or blaming the system. Not a single day passes without being informed of the death of a relative or friend. The wild spread of the virus and the large number of deaths has united the Society. People are finding innovative ideas to help those in distress. Some have joined hands to provide free food to those in real need. Even Uttaradi Mutt has made arrangements to supply food thrice a day to those who are on home quarantine. Disgusted with large scale complaints on the drivers of Ambulance, a driver of an Ambulance has come forward to provide free service 24/7. To see a movie on a TV screen, we were waiting for several years but now they are released straight away on the small screen which can be captured even on a mobile. Music and dance artists too have adopted modern technics to reach their fans by arranging Virtual programs. 

Forget about the locals here, even the world has united in extending a helping hand. Our PM, supplied vaccinations to several countries including a country like Canada during the first wave of Corona. However, when our country is badly hit by the second wave, the whole world is rushing required materials to India.

I feel happy because Corona, apart from giving a scope for us to improve our knowledge by adopting to niceties of internet, has  brought universal brotherhood. But for Corona, we would have just spent our days without any markable achievements. Hope you all agree with me that EVEN IN DISTRESS WE CAN FEEL HAPPY.


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